miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Just a bit of practise

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to do something different. This is the first time that I write in English in this blog. I've been studying it for a long time but I need to improve my writing skills, so I want to tell you my experience learning this language and what it's more difficult for me (sorry for the mistakes I may be committing).

Let's go!

I started to study English when I was 4. I went to an Academy and my teacher was fantastic. It was Ian, he's British and he was the charmiest teacher I've ever had. Although he always spoke in English, we understood him when he talked to us. Unfortunately, I didn't study there for too long, and I didn't do it again until the Primary School.

When I was eight, I started my English classes at school. We learnt a lot singing songs and making manual arts, but it was not my favourite subject at all and I wasn't very interested on having a bit more of practise.

I finally was interested on English when I was fourteen, but not only because of the language, but for Brad Pitt. I was totally in love with him playing Achilles in the film Troy, and I really wanted to know his real voice. It is only for that moment that I started to watch movies in English, and suddenly I felt that I knew a lot of vocabulary, and that I spoke it with good pronunciation. So I started to search the lyrics of my favourite songs and singing alone at home. I started to change and I was very good in English. 

As I loved watching films and sing English songs, I hated reading books. I had to do it because of my homeworks, but it was too difficult for me and the books they made me to read were a bit boring, so I didn't start to read in English (I mean, real books) until now actually. The first book I finished in English was Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, and then I read The fault in our stars (I love this book in its own language). I am still trying to finish the first book from Percy Jackson' sague.

The most difficult for me about English are the prepositions. I really hate them, and I'm always wrong when I have to write them. I'm very bad trying to figure out what gramatical expression is the correct in each situation, but I think that the mean problem is that here in Spain we have a very poor English Education, and we are not tought in the right way. When I was to my English classes I didn't learn something useful, I really know more since I got Netflix and I watch my favourite TV series in English with subtitles in English. For example, if I had an oral exam in my English class, maybe the teacher asked me about nuclear energy , but they never told me that "spoon" is "cuchara" in English. Something is very wrong in that, don't you think so?

So tell me, do you like learning new languages? What did you study? How do you improve your skills?


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